Seafood Menu

Seafood Menu

Fresh Seafood
Oil & Lemon 261.45 AED
With Bechamel 261.45 AED
Fried Calamari 51.45 AED
Grilled Calamari 51.45 AED
Calamari Pottery 72.45 AED
Grilled Salmon 103.95 AED
Fried Salmon 103.95 AED
Fried Shrimps 210.00 AED
Grilled Shrimps 210.00 AED
Boiled Shrimps 210.00 AED
Shrimp Pottery 262.50 AED
Shrimp Platter 262.50 AED
Crab Fillet 145.95 AED
Crab With Béchamel 145.95 AED
Fried Grouper Fish 147.00 AED
Grouper Platter 250.95 AED
Fried Emperor Fish 126.00 AED
Emperor Platter 231.00 AED
Fried Bream Fish 126.00 AED
Grilled Bream Fish 126.00 AED
Bream Fish Pottery 231.00 AED
Bream Fish Platter 231.00 AED


Enjoy with your family and friends most delicious and tasty seafood meals from Qurtoba Restaurant & Cafe with a fantastic view on The Walk JBR.

Daily Specials

Chefs choice
The role of a good cook ware in the preparation of a sumptuous meal cannot be over emphasized then one consider white bread